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 Crazy joe's customs chin pad

We are proud to introduce our newest creation! After manufacturing an array of pads that fit on almost every handle pole out there, including the KP Pole and Rick Roy Pole, we have decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign our current product. 


Say hello to the newest Crazy Joe's Customs Chin Pad. With new body lines and a sleeker design, the pad has become even lighter while also becoming stronger at the same time. It will fit flawlessly on your current Rick Roy Products handle pole and looks unlike anything else before it!

We also provide pads for the KP Pole and Round Nose Superjet Pole. Each pole has both carbon fiber and fiberglass lay-up options for your pad. We use only the highest quality military grade composite material along with a precise lay-up and vacuum bagging process.

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*These prices reflect orders placed in America. Contact us for International shipping. *


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