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A creative array of pictures and videos of BAM Skis performing and being displayed.


Crazy Joe and his son ride their BAM Hulls on Lake St. Clair, Michigan
Two Carbon BAM Hulls on Lake St. Clair

Crazy Joe and his son ride their favorite BAM Hulls they made for themselves to enjoy near their house on Lake St. Clair.

One of Crazy Joe's fully carbon fiber BAM Hulls on lake st. clair
Ultimate Maneuverability

Crazy Joe Jr. rides one of the newest carbon hulls that they have made.  Containing a single carb 701 motor, it is truly the definition of affordable power!

One of Crazy Joe's Customs customers riding his hybrid lay up BAM Hull
Big Spins

One of the first BAM Hull owners, Alex Anulli, throws a big spin on his semi-gloss black hybrid lay-up BAM Hull!

Flat water freestyle on a carbon and fiberglass BAM Hull

Flat Water Air

Just like above, Alex takes advantage of his lightweight hull by catching massive air off flat water!

Crazy Joe and a customer ride their BAM Hulls on lake st clair

Two Bams

Carbon and hybrid BAM hulls go great with waves provided by your local lake!

Boat Wake Backflip

Alex does his first successful back flip off of a boat wake!

Alex's big air on Crazy Joe's Customs Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass BAM Hull


Alex doing what he does best!

Wave Rave 2015

Crazy Joe's Customs video of their trip to Wave Rave this past weekend!

Alex performs a backflip on a carbon fiber BAM Hull

BAM Backflip

Our surf lay up carbon BAM Hull held up well in the small surf of Lake Michigan during the 2015 Wave Rave Freeride!

Flat Water Backflip

BAM Hull owner Alex has the most versatile BAM Hull out there.  After a riding in the Lake Michigan surf, he shows us how it performs on flat water!

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