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By any means: A quick bio on Crazy Joe's

In 2012, Crazy Joe’s Customs' interest in the aftermarket hull industry led us to begin manufacturing our own. After a lot of cutting and fiber glassing, we came up with our first ski. The ski wasn’t top of the line quality, but it was a start. We decided to shorten the ski by about 13 inches, and that marked the beginning of a movement.

In 2013, we at Crazy Joe’s Customs felt it was necessary to take what we learned, the positives and the negatives, from our first hull and use the knowledge gained to make a newer model with better lines and features. This second ski was better, but not the best we could do.

In 2014, we decided to go all in and design a mold that we could use to vacuum bag composite materials and produce our newest and most versatile hull yet—the BAM hull!

BAM stands for “By Any Means”, and this has been our mantra since the first cut was made on that ski in 2012. This hull is our third model, but all the values from the first are still instilled in every hull we produce.

We take pride in the production process. We hand-lay only the highest quality, military grade composite material before it is vacuum-bagged in the mold. Seeing as we are newer to the aftermarket hull industry, we have lower production costs per ski, allowing us to bring the product to each customer at a lower price than some of the bigger names in the industry without skipping out on quality.

Our goal is to bring an affordable yet high quality hull to every rider who wants to enter in the

aftermarket hull industry by any means!

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