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Crazy Joe's Customs New Chin Pad

It is finally here! As you may already know, Crazy Joe's Customs has done a pretty good job of making sure riders out there have an affordable alternative to the standard Rick Roy Products Chin Pad. It was a hit and we provided riders across the United States with awesome fully carbon fiber or fiberglass pads. That wasn't the end of the road though. We went back to the drawing board for a while and asked ourselves, "what more can we do with this pad?"

Below, you will find the answer. The newest Crazy Joe's Customs Chin Pad that fits flawlessly on your Rick Roy Products handle pole. As you can see, we have completely redesigned the pad to not only visually look different but also be more practical. The top of the pad, closest to the handle bars, is extended slightly farther to cover the steering completely to protect the rider from any unwanted contact with that steering system.

We have also added a few different lines in the body of the pad for a few reasons. First and foremost, these lines add a little flair to the pad. It gives the pad a unique look and, when you have one on your pole, other riders will know that this thing is different. Second, the extra body lines give the pad a lot more strength which we all love! These extra lines also give us an awesome opportunity to really get creative with which areas we paint and which areas we leave visually carbon.

The best part of this pad though is the pricing! We know that some of our competitor's pads can get a little pricey but we are here to make sure Crazy Joe's can get a pad manufactured, turfed, and shipped to your door for a great price! That is why we are offering our carbon pads for the great price of $200 and the fiberglass pads for $150. These prices do not reflect shipping costs within the United States. Contact us for full price including shipping.

We look forward to getting these out to every rider that needs one and truly providing the industry with an affordable pad for their Rick Roy Pole.

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