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The Competition BAM Hull

New years is all about making resolutions that you can keep! It is no different for us here at Crazy Joe's. You may have saw a few posts on some of our social networks that we maintain. Crazy Joe's Customs is currently in the heart of one of their best builds yet! Like we mentioned above, the goal of 2017 is gain more exposure and make sure we are focusing on the development of our hulls. One of our resolutions is to make it to more free ride and freestyle events put on by the industry. This is one of the reasons why we have taken our hull manufacturing to the next level.

Pictured below is one of our best hulls to date! Hand crafted by military grade composite materials, this BAM hull was taken to the next level. We decided to ad a little flair to it by giving it an interesting paint job that would really catch the eye of those in the industry. The lay up and paint job aren't the only features though.

This BAM hull is powered by Engne Tech Billet Superchargers out of Canada. We have consulted the best when choosing a motor and we knew that the ET 1107 was what we need to make this thing scream. Official weight numbers will be coming in soon, until then though, use these pictures to hold you over!

Stay Crazy!

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