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Inside Crazy Joe's Customs

As some of you may already know, recently we were featured in The Watercraft Journal's featured story about Crazy Joe's Customs and the BAM hull. First off, we would like to say thank you to Ryan Huguenard and the amazing people of the Journal for taking the time out of both of their busy schedules to get in contact with us and show interest in featuring us in a story. It was awesome to be featured in America's most popular PWC magazine and to be mentioned along side some of the greats in the game!

The professionalism and industry specific news that The Watercraft Journal brings day in and day out provides its followers with information about some of the latest gear, events, riders, and this time, companies, and to that, we thank them. If you haven't already got the chance to check out the article, we have attached the link here for reference. Head over to their site, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on some social media to stay connect to this news.

As we approach the warmer months, keep an eye on us! We have some big events and new skis coming out soon that are sure to catch some attention.

Stay Crazy,

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