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Crazy Joe's Customs Footholds!

We have some very exciting news for all of our followers and customers! Us at Crazy Joe's have begun to develop our very own footholds and are looking to begin installing them in our future BAM hulls. We are already deep in the developement process and are looking to finish them within the next few weeks. There are a countless number of footholds out there and we wanted to give the consumers of the aftermarket industry another option. The problem we always have is that, when kneeling in the tray, we never have enough room with big bulky footholds. Also, if we cut the size of the foothold, we risk slipping out when going upsidedown. We hope that with this new set of foodholds, we can kill two birds with one stone and get rid of a lot of headaches that other riders are having with these issues as well! Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product and updates!

Stay Crazy!

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