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New Features on the BAM Hull!

We finally have some pictures of our newest features offered on our BAM Hulls. First of all, we have lowered the rails in the back, allowing for harder hooks on turns and carving. As you already know, we extended the tray a few inches back giving the rider a bigger deck to stand on. We decided to make the tray a little wider as well and redesign our footholds to give the rider as much room as possible as well as more coverage from the footholds. As you can see, we installed carbon footholds in this BAM and plan to leave them open so the rider can see the visual carbon layup on them. We recently developed our own foot wedges as well as heel locks so customers can choose which one they want, if any. If a customer wants neither, the holes are sealed so they will not leak. We took a few pictures and posted them on here. Let us know what you guys think!

Stay Crazy!

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