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Wave Daze, Virginia Beach 2016

Here at Crazy Joe's Customs we have been somewhat quiet over this last month preparing for the upcoming season. We are excited to announce that this week you will see our crew and BAM hulls at Wave Daze at Virginia Beach, Virginia April 8-10th. We will be bringing all of our skis with us as well as some chin pads, Crazy Joe's gear, and other supplies. We also may have a rider competing in some of the events of the days! If you will be attending the free ride, stop by our booth and speak with us. We will be doing test rides and allowing the east coast to get a first hand experience of what Crazy Joe's Customs is really about. We cannot wait to see everyone out there and be able to speak to some professionals in the industry! If you have a minute check out their site and what Wave Daze has to offer:

Stay Crazy!

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